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Reliable piano movers



Whether you have a grand piano, upright piano, or an organ, moving it by yourself can cause potential damage to you and your instrument.  Why not let us do the work while you sit back and relax?

We don’t pass the buck!

Our moving process is efficient and organized.  We design and custom build special equipment to safely transport your instrument from one location to another.

If you are moving within your current neighborhood or across the country, we will be happy to assist you in moving your piano or organ.  We are NOT furniture movers; we are musical instrument movers.  

Many national piano movers haul many pianos at a time, transferring them between trucks and crews and warehousing them for their own convenience.  We generally move your piano directly from the pick-up address to its destination and no one else takes possession of it along the way.


We can provide either short or long term storage for your piano or organ. Protect your investment:  Have piano experts handle your instrument.

Moving your piano? Let us handle it!